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POLL: Houston Fans Overwhelmingly Still Support J.J. Watt's Efforts To Win Title

Houston fans overwhelmingly still love and root for J.J. Watt.
Houston fans overwhelmingly still love and root for J.J. Watt. Photo by Eric Sauseda
Earlier this week, we gave out the guide for Houston Rocket fans on how to root in these Rocket-less NBA playoffs. That exercise did not reflect well on James Harden, but if you can believe it, there are actually former Houston athletes that fans here are rooting against with even MORE gusto:
Unfortunately, this is where we are. So many superstar athletes have gotten up and out of here since 2020 that we are reduced to praying for schadenfreude.

It doesn't have to be this way, though. It is unhealthy to focus too much on the athletes we despise who've left, when the reality also includes several athletes that we still admire and even revere! So, in the spirit of positivity, I posted this poll last week, and the results are equally telling as Landry Locker's poll above:
First, let me address a few reasons why I chose these four former Houston stars:

1. First and foremost, Twitter only allows for four options in an online poll.

2. Some folks wanted the poll to be "Who are we rooting for to win their FIRST title?" — effectively eliminating any former Astros. I'm trying to measure emotion, not a thirst for rings, hence, the inclusion of Correa and Springer, two wildly popular former Houston athletes.

3. I included Chris Paul so that former Rockets would be represented in some way, plain and simple.

4. I did not include DeAndre Hopkins for two reasons. First, Hopkins continues to throw random shade at the Texans on social media. Not that it isn't deserved, but bro, turn the page. You're better than this. Also, Hopkins is on the same team as Watt, so including Hopkins felt somewhat redundant.

That said, the results here are interesting, on two fronts. First, J.J. Watt winning this poll should come as no surprise, nor should the wide margin with which he won. Watt is still Superman in this town, and the results of each of these polls probably is an indicator of where football still sits on the relevance meter, even with the Texans on track to finish with 4 or 5 wins next season.

Second, I found it interesting that Springer got literally eight times the support that Correa did. Springer was always one of the most likable Astros when he was here (and I'm guessing, even as  a Toronto Blue Jay, he is still a delight), and Correa definitely had his ups and downs as an Astro, but I didn't realize Correa's not accepting the five year offer from the Astros would reflect like THIS on him. I'm assuming that's the reason for the difference.

Perhaps the most telling thing of all is the total number of votes. The "hate" poll got over 3,000 participants, while just over 700 voters in the "love" poll. Hate is still more fun on Twitter, evidently.

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