Houston, We Are Not Loved

Gawker has posted an item on a New York Sun article by some Harvard economics professor saying Houston is a terrific city that encourages growth, while New York has policies that deter growth.

"Go there now, so I can have your apartment!" Gawker's poster wrote.

As you can imagine, the hip and sharp-tongued commenters at Gawker immediately went to work, expressing their deep and abiding love for our city.

First comment: "You'll also be surrounded by assholes with gun racks on their pickup trucks who can't drive five miles without getting in a road rage incident, so there's that."

Second: "Thank you, but no."

Third: "Also, the cockroaches in Houston are the size of small dogs and the Lord Jesus H. Christ is mayor." (We don't think this was meant as an endorsement of Bill White.)

Fourth: "I lived in houston for three years before moving to New York, and I haven't looked back once."

Oh my. This doesn't seem to be going well at all.

-- Richard Connelly

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