Houston, We Have A....Ah, Forget About It. How Jim Lovell's Kid Learned About His Dad's Adventures

Houstonians have always had a special place in their heart for Apollo 13, the Tom Hanks movie that chronicles the only moon mission that didn't make it.

(And for the mission itself, of course, which unfortunately enough gave us the "Houston, we have a problem" cliche that leads to lots and lots of lazy writing.

One of the scenes in the film depicts Commander Jim Lovell's son, who is at military school, being told of the accident that's put his dad in harm's way.

In a feature on the restaurant that the son, Jay Lovell (who was raised in Houston), owns in a small Illinois town, we find that the scene was a little overplayed.

"Actually, at the time, I didn't really appreciate how serious the Apollo 13 incident was," Lovell told the reporter. "Not until I saw the movie and realized exactly what had gone on."

Hmm. We can see not realizing it at the time, but not until the movie came out? His father wrote a book about it 15 years ago.

Guess they keep things stoic in the Lovell family.

"Yes, well, bit of a cock-up there for a second; nothing to worry about, son...Don't bother reading my book or anything."

Lovell's restaurant in Lake Forest, by the way, looks pretty neat. It features plenty of Apollo 13 material, now that he's learned all about it.

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