How To Solve Walden's Deer Problem: Music Hath Charms To Soothe That Savage Beast

The Montgomery County town of Walden is having a deer problem, the Houston Chronicle reports.

And before you get all logical and say "Well, if you're going to build homes in a forest full of deer, you're going to have deer problems," just remember that deer don't worry too much about the resale values of houses, so who cares about them?

Officials are trapping the deer and then giving the ensuing venison to charity.


If you're going to go after deer, get the guys in the video above. They've been hunting on leases in South Texas, and have put together an enthralling nature documentary of grazing, harmless deer being blown away in slow motion, all to the tender strains of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck."

Deer problem? Solved. Solved, that is, for those about to rock.

(Note on the headline: Yes, we know it's "savage breast," not beast. But we eschew all titty references here, except when necessary.)

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