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Galleria High Rise Offices Target of IRS Criminal Investigators Friday [UPDATED]

Offices at 3009 Post Oak Boulevard.
Offices at 3009 Post Oak Boulevard. Photo by Daniel Kramer

A high rise building in the Galleria area was the scene of an IRS raid Friday and while investigators weren't disclosing information about precisely who they were looking at, the building includes the companies: alliantgroup, Nortex Corporation and Bank of Texas.

Fox News reported that agents with the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit arrived at the building at 10 a.m. The office is located at 3009 Post Oak Boulevard.

The Houston Press contacted the IRS and was told its request for more information was passed on to the Criminal Investigation unit. We will update once we receive a reply.  Christian Venheuizen, public affairs officer with the Houston Field Office of the IRS Office of Criminal Investigation got back to us with this official statement:

"IRS Criminal Investigation is conducting a court-authorized operation."

He explained that his office investigates a number of different crimes with a primary mission of investigating crimes that fall under the Internal Revenue Code. Because they are also charged with protecting taxpayer information, he said he could not disclose anything else while the case was ongoing.

It is unknown whether the investigation is into any of the companies in that building or clients of any of those companies.

Update 05.22.22

According to the Houston Chronicle, alliantgroup, a tax consulting firm, released a statement in which it appears they were the company being investigated in the building. According to the Chronicle, the firm's statement said:

“We look forward to understanding the government’s queries and we are fully cooperating with them. We expect that when the complete facts are known, this matter will be amicably resolved.”

Update 05.24.22

IRS investigators are back at the Galleria area building today, working on floors 15-20, an IRS spokesman said. 
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