Is There a Doctor in the House?

Something's wrong with the NightCULTURE people, and it's not just capitalization problems. We regularly hear from them about what DJ's are spinning where, but their most recent e-mail has us worried. Apparently, everyone afilliated with NightCULTURE has contracted an illness, or several illnesses. First, we are warned that the Disco Rodeo party is going to be sick. This is a bad way to invite people to your party. People should be able to drink punch and promenade in a space free of airborne pathogens. Later we are warned that a fellow named Dave Seaman is under the weather, and the words "Seaman" and "sick" in such close proximity could mean any number of things, but mostly it just means stay away. This Seaman has been compromised. Coming into contact with this Seaman will only result in harm. However, perhaps the most tragic element of this horrifying e-mail is the news that legendary reggae artist Toots is sick. And not just Toots, but all the Maytals as well. The origin and spread of the disease have not been traced, but presumably, either Toots or one of the Maytals acted as a Patient Zero who infected the other members, possibly through a shared toothbrush. We are told that epidemiologists at the CDC are monitoring this situation closely. —

Craig Malisow

After the jump, the email...

NightCULTURE Announcements


here's a dozen things you might wanna know about ..

1. DISCO RODEO party is this Saturday March 31@ XO featuring DJ Icey on decks w/ Alex C and El Nino 2. it's gonna be sick 3. Thursday Night Makoto and MC Deeizm return to Houston @ XO 4. they're gonna be sick 5. Our photo gallery is up and has pics from the events..sick 6. tickets on sale now for Junkie XL.. sick..Dave Seaman..sick..Sander von Doorn..sick..Benny Benassi..sick.. 7. Cruise ship party to Mexico leaving out of Galveston with special touring and local djs...(sea) sick! 8. we're changing up the website...sick 9. we've got limited time offer online $5 pre-sale tickets to coming events with DJ Sammy, Icey, Dave Seaman...again...sick.. 10. Live music events with Gym Class Heroes..Toots and the Maytals..(dub)sick.. Mute Math..TV on the Radio..Sound Tribe Sector 9...sick.sick sick sick. 11. Houston WMC attendees return safely and ..sicker than ever 12. This Wednesday @ Davenport : Diamond Dave Farrell B Day with LiTEX and special guest RANDALL JONES..SIIIICK

see you soon.... The NightCULTURALISTS www.77002.com

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