Jewish Panties: Donations Accepted (But It's Not What You Think)

Okay, we're just throwing this out there.

Belden's, the terrific Jewish grocery store in Meyerland, has a box asking for donations of used panties.

Some -- not us, certainly -- might question if someone at Belden's has a certain thing for such items.

You know, because in Japan vending machines sell used panties and all. And the net is full of sites offering them. But why not get them for free if you can?

The donation box, to be sure, doesn't specify panties used specifically by a member of the tribe. But it still is a box dedicated to people throwing in panties. Opportunity for....ummm....mischief.

But we will look at the bright side, and note that officially the donation box is for the Initiative for Jewish Women, which collects underwear -- for both genders -- for the poor.

Undies for Everyone is an effort to, as the website says, "Give a 'fresh start' to disadvantaged HISD elementary school kids when they start school in August."

More than 1,800 pairs of underwear were donated last year, the group says. And even though the sign doesn't say so, it's not used panties and underwear they're after.

But we're sure someone would take them if offered. Saves the hassle of flying to Japan and using a vending machine.

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