For Johnny Football, his recent rehab stint seems to be about as front of mind as the Browns playbook
For Johnny Football, his recent rehab stint seems to be about as front of mind as the Browns playbook

Johnny Football Is Back, Clubbing in Austin on His Bye Week

Thanksgiving week tends to be a little slow in the sports world. Unfortunately, there are a few of us who are too stupid to take a full week of vacation still responsible for churning out some content during this week. Dreadful, I know!

Thankfully, the football gods heard our prayers and responded. Not just responded, but responded in the most bountiful, Thankgiving-y way possible — they not only gave us the Cleveland Browns' bye week in Week 11, leading up to Thanksgiving, but they decided to send Johnny Manziel to Austin, where his recent rehab stint was about as front of mind as the Browns' playbook for him. Indeed, it would appear that Johnny Manziel, Sober Home Body (who existed for about three months) has been crushed (once again) by Johnny Football, Turnt Demon of the NIght!

And Team Content rejoices!

This is basically the same thing as when good-hearted Anakin Skywalker got overrun by his own dark side and became Darth Vader, only in this instance Darth Vader wears flat brim caps and hangs out with Drake. 

Setting the scene, apparently Johnny was at a place called Rio Rooftop in Austin, and he was getting a little crazy…. 

Of course, this comes on the heels of a weekend in Aggieland two weeks ago, following a Thursday night game, where Johnny was spotted (and chronicled in nearly everyone's Instagram account within 20 miles of Kyle Field) out at the bars, beer in hand, and of course all of this follows the potentially more serious incident in which he and his girlfriend got into a dispute of some sort that played out on the side of the road in suburban Cleveland. In that incident, Manziel may or may not have hit his girlfriend, and he admitted to drinking earlier in the day.

In short, if Manziel was in rehab for alcohol issues, this thing is coming apart at the seams. Hell, it may be anyway. 

It just so happens that Browns head coach Mike Pettine recently named Manziel the starter for the rest of the Browns' season, a season in which thus far they are 2-8, and likely in position to select Manziel's replacement in next spring's draft. Whoever that poor bastard is that the Browns take, may God have mercy on his soul. 

Although it would appear that Johnny Football is hellbent on setting the bar as low as humanly possible for what is deemed acceptable as a starting quarterback for the Browns. 

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