Johnny Manziel Makes First Court Appearance, Can't Stay Off Social Media

When we last left our hero, Jonathan Football, he was on a Justin Bieber concert binge — from Houston to Cleveland to Columbus, and possibly some points in between — getting perturbed with people tweeting pictures of him watching the first night of the NFL Draft at the bar before the show...

Eventually, we all knew that Johnny would need to return to reality, even if only for a few days, and by "reality" I am talking the realest of places — a courtroom. (NOTE: I have extreme phobias of two places — courtrooms and hospitals. I am also afraid of heights. Basically, if you ever want to guarantee that I'll off myself, sentence me to sit in a courtroom or hospital that teeters on the edge of a mountain cliff. I'll die from fear.)

The legal tide has now risen on Manziel's off-the-field issues, specifically his misdemeanor domestic assault charge against his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, as he spent the past two days in Dallas. First, on Wednesday, he was booked in and booked out at the Highland Park jail, and was released on $1,500 bond.  (Mugshot below)

(And yes, in case you didn't hear, Manziel really did tweet that he was "thankful [he] had a shirt on this time [for his mugshot]" and promptly deleted the tweet, which was in reference to his arrest before his redshirt freshman year at A&M after a fight and his using a fake ID at an off-campus bar when he was only 19.)

Then, on Thursday morning, Manziel made his first appearance in Dallas County court, where Judge Roberto Canas warned him that he is to have no contact with Crowley — no calls, texts, emails, letters or visits. In addition to committing to no contact with Crowley, Manziel had to sign an affidavit stating that he did not own any firearms, nor were there firearms where he lived.

The charges Manziel is facing come with a maximum punishment of a $4,000 fine and a year in prison. Crowley alleged that, back on January 30 in Fort Worth, Manziel threatened to kill her and himself, and also hit her upside the head so hard that it ruptured her eardrum. Crowley's medical records have been submitted as evidence in the case. Additionally, Manziel could face discipline from the NFL once the league has reviewed the case, although the discipline matters only if an NFL team signs him in the future, which no team appears remotely close to doing as of right now.

So, if you're keeping score at home, in the past month, Manziel has been spotted clubbing in Hollywood for about a week straight, trashed a rental home in Hollywood to the tune of $32,000 worth of damage, been a passenger ok, possibly a driver in a hit-and-run between an SUV and a light pole in Hollywood (SIDEBAR: Poor Hollywood, man), sat at a bar watching the NFL Draft before a Bieber show in Columbus, and been booked on charges of domestic violence back in Texas.

Pretty stressful stuff for Johnny and his family, right? Um, wrong...  

I'm obsessed with these people

A video posted by Meri-Margaret Manziel (@mmanziel) on

That Instagram is from hours after the mugshot taken above, and hours before his court appearance on Thursday morning.

What, Johnny worry?

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