Juan Quintero: Sale of Cop Killer's T-Shirts Being Reconsidered

Last week we told you about fund-raising T-shirts being sold by GRACE, the Gulf Region Advocacy Center. They featured a design by Juan Quintero, who is on Death Row for killing a police officer, and someone had started anonymously faxing copies of the fund-raising page around town, questioning its propriety.

Andy Kahan, HPD's crime victims advocate, received a copy of the fax and began asking the same questions.

At the time GRACE executive director Danalynn Recer told us she was baffled as to why questions were being raised, since the organization had often used its clients' artwork in the course of doing business.

But the story gained traction, and now Recer has officially said GRACE will "re-think" the practice.

The widow of the officer killed by Quintero in 2006, Rodney Johnson, had joined the protests over the shirt.

"We are deeply sorry that this has caused pain to Officer Johnson's family. We do not in any way want to cause further pain. In light of what has happened, we will re-think our practice," Recer said in a written statement. "No one has ever asked or made an issue of it until now. We have never promoted any of our items as the work of a specific client, and most logo items reflect multiple artists."

Quintero received no compensation for the shirt design, Recer has said.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.