KHOU Gets Its Man At The Texas Air National Guard

Those fun-loving guys at the Texas Air National Guard -- the people who brought you George W. Bush's sterling military career -- have a new commanding general, thanks to KHOU.

Channel 11 had a damning story about sexual discrimination in TANG -- a series of female officers stepped up and said on the record that they had bee ndiscriminated against because of gender, given bad assignments, denied promotions. They eventually left the service.

An investigation showed three of the complaints had "absolute merit" and the commander of Ellington Air base had violated the code of military conduct.

Trouble is, that's not what his boss told Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee when she inquired into the case.

That boss, General Charles Rodriguez, told Jackson Lee that only one claim had been substantiated.

So now he's out of a job.

The day after KHOU's report aired, Governor Rick Perry issued a terse press release -- and offered no further comment -- saying Rodriguez had been replaced by General Jose Mayorga.

Perry's spokesman said the governor thanked Rodriguez for his service. Probably not the lyning-to-a-Congresswoman part, though.

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