KUHF-KTRU Deal: God Comments, And Lord He's Pissed

Last week word broke that the University of Houston's KUHF station was buying up Rice's unique KTRU station.

There were howls of protest. Sunday there was an actual protest, on the Rice campus.

Tuesday God weighed in. And apparently He's a KTRU fan.

A "massive lightning strike" made a direct hit on the KUHF tower, knocking out power for an hour or so, says UH spokesman Richard Bonnin.

That's about as clear a statement of "Play Me some more Pan-African/fusion jazz!!" as we can imagine.

The tower, which is shared by KUHF, KMJQ and KKRW, is on Missouri City, where a line of strong thunderstorms went through that afternoon, shortly after God caught up on His KTRU Google Alerts.

"That antenna is off the air and in the process of being repaired," Bonnin tells Hair Balls. "After the lightning damage, KUHF switched over to its back-up transmitter and antenna, which does not quite have the reach of the main antenna. Thus, some areas to the north, such as The Woodlands, had trouble receiving KUHF."

Other parts of town went black, too, for a while.

Bonnin says there is no estimate on how long repairs will take. God was unavailable for comment.

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