La Marque Elects First Black Female Mayor In Galveston County

Galveston County's been around for a while -- you could argue modern Texas began there, with the unfortunate meetings between Spanish explorers and natives -- but it has never, in any of its towns, had a black female mayor.

That changed over the weekend, when League City La Marque voters elected Geraldine Sam to lead them.

The 57-year-old educator beat the second-place candidate 355 votes to 316 (another received 289), and in League City La Marque there are no runoffs.

"I cannot even describe how I feel," Sam told the Galveston County Daily News at a restaurant. "I was trying to eat earlier, and I can't even eat. It's amazing. Just awesome.

Sam will have her hands full in League City La Marque, which has been thrown into a series of battles and controversies among its elected and appointed city officials.

Still, there was joy for at least one night in the northern county town.

"We had (President Barack) Obama, and now we have Sam," said one of her campaign managers. "Geraldine is a visionary. She has been a fighter for our community for many years."

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Richard Connelly
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