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Texans Donate Over $5 Million To Sunnyside's Pro-Vision Academy

Janice McNair celebrates the $5 million donation from her family's foundation with Pro-Vision founder Roynell Young.
Janice McNair celebrates the $5 million donation from her family's foundation with Pro-Vision founder Roynell Young. Photo by Sean Pendergast
Before passing away last November, in his nearly two decades of NFL ownership in Houston, the late Bob McNair created a legacy centered heavily around philanthropy, having donated over $500 million to various causes and charities during his time as owner of the Houston Texans. On Tuesday afternoon, McNair's legacy was celebrated in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Pro-Vision Academy in Houston's Sunnyside neighborhood, as his wife, co-founder and chair Janice McNair, announced a gift of over $5 million to the Houston school through The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation.

The donation is the largest in the history of the Pro-Vision Academy, a charter school founded in 1990 by former NFL player Roynell Young, where motivated youngsters in grades 5 through 12 in the Sunnyside community can further their education. Pro-Vision has a multi-pronged approach with their students, centered around education, nutrition, character development, and housing. The school began with Young instructing just a few young men in a classroom a few decades ago, and today it is a continually expanding campus on Houston's southeast side.

“Before Bob passed, we had the opportunity to tour the facilities at Pro-Vision and visit with their leadership. We were captivated by their mission, their approach and the impact they are having in areas of need within our community," said McNair. "We agreed that this would be a perfect way to continue our work to support the City of Houston and we are blessed to be able to do something significant.”

The money donated by the McNair family will go toward several Pro-Vision initiatives. First, there will be funds allocated toward the construction of housing for low-income community members. Next, and very appropriately, the donation will aid in building a football field and track facility on the Pro-Vision campus. Those facilities will be named after the McNair family.

Additionally, there is $450,000 of the McNair's gift earmarked for a major expansion to the Pro-Vision Urban Farm and Aquaponics Initiative. As part of their nutrition initiative several years ago, Pro-Vision created their own farm where they grow their own produce. The farm has been so successful; they have become produce provider to many Houston area restaurants.

“Pro-Vision is honored to be the recipient of such an impactful contribution from the McNair family,” said Young. “This gift to Pro-Vision is helping to set the foundation for the transformation of the Sunnyside community, as well as enhancing the quality of life for those who live there. I consider it a great responsibility that they have chosen to partner with our organization. The hope is that this investment will positively reach generations who are yet to be born.”

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