More Help (The Hard Way) For Retrofitting School Buses In Brazoria County

Solutia Inc. is a "small business" in the overall scheme of things in the petrochemical universe, but the organic chemical production plant outside of Alvin managed to outdo the big boys on Wednesday when it racked up the biggest pollution fine of the week in our great state.

For its achievement, Solutia was assessed a $117,048 fine by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

In sporting terms, which we can't help but use here, it sounded like a "total team effort" by Solutia to underperform all the other scofflaws called on the carpet yesterday in Austin.

Solutia tallied 14 pollution violations over a year and-a-half, the state regulators noted, but the infractions weren't all that out-of-the-ordinary since the company received dozens of previous notices of violation for similar bungling (plus dozens of other notices for dissimilar screw-ups; details here.)

The St. Louis-based company, which says on its Web site it is dedicated to environmental excellence, didn't argue about it and agreed to the fine, half of which will be used to retrofit diesel-spewing school buses in Brazoria County.

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