More Ike-Debris Stats For Your Amazement

Speaking of

Ike debris

, some more figures are dribbling in from various sources about the clean-up effort.

Here's one accounting, from Sci-Tech Today:

In Galveston, workers collected 592,000 pounds of hazardous household waste such as medications and bleach; 28,000 refrigerators, ranges and freezers; 3,000 televisions and computer screens; and 13,000 pounds of animal carcasses.

That's a lot of appliances. And animal carcasses.

There was also this reassuring paragraph:

The 11-foot storm surge that swept much of Galveston Island flushed into canals rat poisons, fertilizers, paints and other chemicals, but Isakson said the risk is minimal because the pollutants become diluted in the water.

So who needs a Clean Water Act?

One other factoid: Workers for the company Sci-Tech Today was profiling have carted off 12,000 flooded or damaged vehicles just in Louisiana.

Many of them were taken to used-car lots on North Shepard, the story didn't say.

-- Richard Connelly

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