Naked Grapefruit

Texas "Ruby Red" grapefruits are in season, and the best way to eat them is bare naked--not you, the grapefruit sections. A little old lady who works in a grapefruit grove in Mission, Texas taught me how to do this. It's faster than sectioning, once you get the hang of it. Naked grapefruit sections are called "grapefruit supremes" in kitchen-speak. They are awesome on salads.

Here's the step-by-step:

All photos by Robb Walsh
1. Cut off a good inch from one end of the grapefruit to expose the sections.
2. Cut along the outside following the curve--get all the pith. Don't worry if you lose a little fruit.
3. Do this all the way around the fruit.
4. Pick it up and cut off the bottom.
5. Remove any remaining pith.
6. Slide your knife in alongside a section membrane.
7. Twist the knife blade under the fruit and turn it.
8. The fruit should come away easily.
9. Repeat for each section.
10. Voila! Naked grapefruit!

Careful, once you eat them like this, you will never settle for anything else. -- Robb Walsh

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