Need Extra Cash? Feral Hog Bounty Goes Up This Week!

Everyone knows feral hogs are a nuisance, which is why some counties pay folks to kill 'em, but we thought we'd pass along a tip that you may not have heard about: Hays and Caldwell counties "are more than doubling the bounty" on the beasts, according to KEYE.

Of course, volume is the priority here, as even the increased bounty isn't all that much.

Nick Dornak, of Caldwell County's Plum Creek Watershed Partnership, told the station, "You can start holding into those pig tails now, and you can start to collect up to $5 per tail this year, or we take receipts from a certified holding facility -- those are the hogs that are captured live and sold for slaughter."

There's no shortage of the hairy bastards -- an estimated 2.6 million statewide -- so you can still rack up a nice chunk of change. A hunter whose first name is, conveniently, Bubba, told the station that he bagged 469 feral hogs last year. He prefers that the hogs don't die in vain. They should instead wind up in our bellies.

"There's nothing wrong with it as long as it's USDA-inspected and you sell it to the public and make hamburgers and bratwurst and breakfast sausage and tacos -- like I said, it's free-range organic pork," Bubba Ortiz told KEYE.

Feral hogwurst? Yes, please.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.