Neil Bush Wants Him Some Of That There Stimulus Money

Love it, hate it, the federal stimulus money is coming and it's got to be spent on something.

Why not Neil Bush?

Bush, the wayward son of the Bush family (and that's saying something) is, of course, the guy behind Ignite!, the company that tries to get schools to buy its Schoolhouse Rock-like gadgetry.

Mostly, he's been selling it to HISD, most famously when his mother gave a Katrina donation stipulating it be spent on Neil's stuff.

But the generous giving of Barbara Bush can only go so far. What's a wayward son to do?

Urge school districts to get some of that stimulus money.

The Ignite! webpage now includes instructions on how school districts can get some of that sweet, sweet cash.

Why, you can get funds aimed at Special Ed, Education Technology and schools with economically disadvantaged students!

Ignite! can fit in the latter category because, the site says, it provides:

  • Research-based, standards-aligned curriculum
  • Integrating technology into the classroom
  • Engaging students
  • Appealing to all types of learners
  • Comprehensive professional development

What's not to like?

As the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review points out,Ignite! has been criticized for urging districts to get No Child Left Behind funds to purchase its equipment.

The names may change, but the trough is always open.

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