Rice Pride, robbing a bank.
Rice Pride, robbing a bank.
Photo by FBI

New Frontiers for Rice: Bank Robbery

He may not be "tall, dark & handsome," but this Comerica bank branch robber is proudly Rice, through and through.

Not only is he wearing a dapper-yet-conservative business suit, he loudly displays his Owl Pride by sporting a Rice baseball cap, which, it must be said, is not the usual chapeau choice for your Houston criminal. Also, like any dedicated Rice grad, he's double-tasking, talking on his cell as he waits for his ill-gotten gains.

The man robbed a Comerica branch in the 2300 block of West Holcombe this afternoon, the FBI says -- not all that far from Rice's South Main campus! -- by handing over a note and saying he had a gun.

The FBI describes him as "a black male, 20-25, 5'8" - 5'9", with an average build, light complexion and clean shaven." Somehow they didn't add "mentioned needing money for Valhalla."


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