No Pho-king Way: Bye-Bye Mai's, At Least For Now

Update: The official HFD release says "Houston Fire Department arson investigators have ruled the cause of a fire at Mai's Restaurant on Milam due to a cooking fire (wok)."

Photos by Craig Hlavaty
​Firefighters continue to battle the blaze at Mai's, and reports are grim. (In terms of property, at any rate; thankfully, no injuries have been reported.)

HFD has been dousing the second floor from above, through the collapsed roof, and that can't be good for the first-floor restaurant. Water can be seen gushing out the front door of the popular eatery, known for its pho and crowds who head there after the bars close.

Power has been cut in the area because the cherrypickers are near electricity lines. The nearby Breakfast Klub tells Hair Balls, though, that they have power and are serving lunch. Although it's only a Presidents' Day rush hour, getting onto 59 from downtown may be more of a hassle than usual this evening.

We have video and pictures of the blaze from Craig Hlavaty and Blake Whitaker.

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