OMG 4 Rlz, No Texting While Driving In Bellaire Or West U

Feel free to re-tweet while you're running over slow grandmas crossing the Bellaire Triangle, because next month you won't be able to do so -- the cities of Bellaire and West U have banned texting and web browsing while driving.

In a double-header of government activity unmatched since Germany and Japan declared war on the U.S., councils in both cities approved bans within hours of each other last week.

"I don't believe there's any safe way to text while driving," Bellaire councilman Phil Nauert, who obviously has never felt the immediate and irresistible urge to spread his opinion about last night's Glee, told the Bellaire Examiner.

The bans won't take effect until next month because the laws have to go through some procedural steps, but it also seems there's some confusion about what the bans entail.

West University's original proposal was to ban texting while an automobile was actually in motion. Monday, Councilmember Steven Segal pushed for an amendment to include the prohibition of texting at any time a car is in a driving lane, whether or not the car is stopped at a light or stop sign.

"The idea is that people are likely to continue reading or writing something if they are stopped," said Segal. "Right now, when the light turns, sometimes nobody moves because they are doing something else. They ought to be paying attention to driving.

"If you want to do it, pull over and park somewhere."

"If you want to do it, pull over and park somewhere." Didn't the Beatles do a song about that?

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