Orlando Sanchez: Harris County Treasurer, Devoted Glamour Reader?

Orlando Sanchez, tired of getting whomped in hopeless races for mayor, won the Harris County Treasurer's job in 2006, a job that personifies the phrase "no heavy lifting."

The do-nothing office has been abolished in other Texas counties; for years former KPRC crime reporter Jack Cato carved out a nice semi-retirement doing it. (Actually a lot more than "semi-," in terms of job duties.

Sancez has staked out bold new ground since taking office. For instance, he has subscribed to Glamour magazine, using political contributions. We're not sure Jack Cato ever heard of Glamour magazine.

The ever-sharp Charles Kuffner first noticed the campaign expenditure, because he's the kind of guy -- which every city needs -- who would bother to check the campaign reports for something like the County Treasurer race.

And there it was: $16 for Glamour.

We called Sanchez for comment, but it was about 11 or so, so it's possible he hadn't hit the office yet, or was already out for a long lunch. It's not like there's much work to do.

Besides looking good, that is.

But we can only think of this. "One thing led to another...."

Update: But no!! We have heard from the treasurer!! "I did it one time because there was an article I was interested in," he says, "and they kept renewing. I've sent them letters to cancel the subscription."

So you're not a dedicated Glamour reader?

"No," he says. "I give it away or let the ladies use it."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.