Otis Morris Slashes His 79-Year-Old Mother, Claims Self-Defense, Cops Say

We guess if you're accused of slashing your 79-year-old mother in the face, head and chest, you need to come up with some excuse.

We might not have gone with "self-defense," but then again we don't think we'd ever find ourselves facing allegations of attacking our mother.

Otis Morris, 48, decided to tell cops he pulled out a blade and went to work on his mother all in self-defense. A little investigation made the cops leery, and Morris has been charged with injury to elderly causing serious bodily injury.

He and his mother, Delores Morris, got into an argument at their home in the 5800 block of Heron Street Wednesday afternoon, police say.

"At some point, Morris slashed his mother several times with a blade, causing her injuries," police say. She is in Ben Taub General Hospital in serious condition.

He told cops he had been acting in self-defense, but after they lowered their raised eyebrows and unrolled their eyes they decided, as HPD elegantly puts it, that "evidence from the scene determined Otis Morris's statements were not consistent with the injuries his mother sustained."

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