Patricia Aguilar: Juvenile Probation Officer Busted for Blowing Boot Camp Cadet

For one delinquent Rio Grande Valley juvenile, a sentence to boot camp was transformed into a ticket to a dream hummer holiday.

Somehow we don't think this was what the juvenile criminal justice system had in mind for the unidentified 17-year-old boy....

According to Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, Patricia Aguilar, a probation officer at the Amador R. Rodriguez Juvenile Boot Camp School in San Benito, admitted to performing oral sex on one of the cadets at the camp.

According to a report in Valleycentral.com, the boy was playing basketball last week when he first caught Aguilar's eye. Aguilar allegedly invited the boy back to her office after the game, and that was where the first sexual encounter took place.

Aguilar reportedly gave the boy her phone number, thus helping set up the second episode.

This one took place in the parking lot of the San Benito Walmart after the boy had been cut loose on supervised release.

As with so many of these cases, the boy bragged to his friends, one of whom "made outcry" to authorities.

Today, juveniles all over Cameron County are wondering how they can get in to boot camp and Aguilar's career is in tatters. She has been dismissed from her job and faces a third-degree felony count of improper sexual activity with a person in custody that could net her up to ten years in jail.

The boy faces unspecified disciplinary measures as well.

According to the Texas age of consent, he is not a boy at all but a man, and so Aguilar's alleged offense does not rise to the level of a sex crime.

"This particular individual has been here for several years," said Tommy Ramirez Jr., CEO of the boot camp. "She has been a good employee...We are baffled, disappointed, sad that something like this happened...We just don't understand why it could have happened....but it did."

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