When news breaks....
When news breaks....

Pay No Attention to the Amazing Car Crash Happening Live on Our Camera, Please

A reporter needs a nose for news.

Sometimes, though, that nose is stuffed.

This isn't the highest-quality video, but it does show what was airing at KFDM during the recent bad weather. The station tapped into one of Beaumont's live-action traffic cams, while a reporter talked about the need to drive cautiously on the wet roads.

But look closely at the video.

A friend of the entertaining Bayou blog did, and passed it on.

The guy doing the voice-over either couldn't see the video or wasn't paying close attention, but if he had been he would have seen a vehicle doing a flip-and-crash LIVE!!! on his teevee screen. The car was obviously not being driven by someone who was listening to KFDM.

The best part: After the flip and roll, the car finishes rightside up, so the driver nonchalantly cruises away, backwards.


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