Putting His Foot in His Mouth After Wearing a Bloody Sock

We all think that there’s no one who could be a bigger media whore than The Rocket. But I’d argue that Curt Schilling is his equal, if not his superior, when it comes to

grabbing the media spotlight


Who can forget the bloody sock (fake or not)? The guy’s got his own blog. He’s never met a microphone that he didn’t like – well, almost, because he clammed up when he was called in front of Congress to testify on steroids.

So, sensing that Clemens was getting all of his attention, Curt yesterday went running to the nearest microphone, which happened to be for a Boston sports talk show. And the topic was Barry Bonds and steroids.

Mr. Schilling thinks that Bonds stats should be stripped during the time that he used steroids because he admitted to using steroids – actually, Curt, he hasn’t – that he cheated on his wife, and that he cheated on his taxes.

Well, I’m not one to go around pointing fingers, but Mr. Schilling might want to do a little checking around before casting stones. Curt Schilling won a World Series ring with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and a general partner of the Diamondbacks has hinted that former Schilling teammate and Diamondback star Luis Gonzalez did steroids. And Gonzalez was a key to that 2001 Diamondback championship, which means that ‘roids could’ve aided a Diamondback world championship. So, Curt, I’ve got to ask, you willing to give back that ring?

Oh, and, Curt, your former Phillies teammate, Lenny Dykstra, has been accused of ramping up his use of steroids in 1993 because it was a contract year – that was also the year that the Phillies won the NL pennant and went to the World Series. Are you willing to give up the rights to that NL championship?

And a baseball player cheating on his wife? Wow! Who would’ve of thought it? I’m betting that a bunch of Curt’s current and past teammates are hoping that he’ll shut up about that.

And before I go, here’s a little trivia for my dear readers: Curt Schilling, as some of you may remember, is a former Houston Astro. The Astros traded Curt Schilling to the Philadelphia Phillies right before the 1992 season. Do any of you remember who the Astros received in return for Schilling?

(clock ticking as Jeopardy theme plays in the background.)

Give up?

Does the name Jason Grimsley ring a bell? You know, the guy who named Roger Clemens in an affidavit as a steroid user.

Ain’t life grand? -- John Royal

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