This frigid little bastard is paying his second visit of the winter to Houston.EXPAND
This frigid little bastard is paying his second visit of the winter to Houston.
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Snowpocalypse II: Jack Frost's Revenge Could Be on the Way for Houston This Week

You know that thing where you get your winter jacket dry cleaned and hang them in the back of the closet because, even though its only January, you know that it is highly unlikely you'll need the "big coat" again this year? Oh, sure, you keep the sweaters at the ready and a couple windbreakers hanging in rather conspicuous location for when the dog needs to be walked or you have to race out to get the garbage can in just your shorts and the light jacket because the jackasses left it upside down in the middle of the street again. But, no one needs the heavy coat. Not in Houston, right?

Wrong, Mr. Smarty Pants. And we know you are a guy because women keep their warm clothes around until May. They are smarter than you. Accept it.

Our point is that you should dig back into that closet and get your jacket because there is a high likelihood of some sub-freezing temperatures this year and even a chance of what can cause adults to tremble in terror over the fear of being stuck at home with antsy children, and makes kids pray for only the first time since the fall even though that wasn't real because they were praying to Santa, but you let it go because, well, Christmas. Anyway, that thing we are talking about? The dreaded wintery mix.

That's right, it's the one time of year when you look at the icon on the five-day forecast and it's something that looks like an asterisk to you, but you can't for the life of you figure it out until your smug coworker from Pennsylvania laughs and says, "That's a snowflake, dumbass." For a second, you think he means you're overly sensitive, but then you remember that it's winter and some places actually get snow and you decided not to throw your smoldering hot microwave cup-o-soup into his cubicle. Now, to the forecast.

If you are lucky enough to have the holiday off on Monday, go outside and frolic. Yes, we said frolic, because the weather will be positively amazing with blue skies and highs in the mid 60s. But Monday night is when the fun ends and the hell on earth begins. OK, that's overdramatizing things, but still.

A strong front will push through overnight Monday into Tuesday morning sending temperatures below freezing for much of the area. Temperatures will begin to fall in the early morning hours of Tuesday and should bring with them some freezing precipitation scattered across much of the region and throughout both southeast and central Texas. Morning commutes after the long holiday weekend could be gross.

What is unique is that temperatures are only expected to drop further throughout Tuesday and stay below freezing into Wednesday morning. If we continue to have sleet and even some snow, it may stay around overnight creating icy roadways by Wednesday morning when temperatures will be in the 20s across the area. In short, it's going to be nasty.

Another dose of rain will move in by Thursday and because temperatures overnight Wednesday into Thursday will be below freezing again, more icy and wintery precipitation could be on tap, though that is looking less likely in Houston central and south and more likely in the northern and western counties.

All of this is subject to change, obviously, but as of Sunday evening forecast models were coming into better agreement that another blast of winter air mixed with some snow and sleet is on its way whether we want it or not.

The good news is that it will be downright pleasant by the weekend (assuming we survive...cue foreboding background music) with highs in the low 70s because, well, we do live in Texas. And there isn't much of an indication in long-range forecasting of another cold blast in the next few weeks. In fact, some models are predicting above-average temperatures for February. Maybe you love this, maybe you're a kid who asked Santa for an X-Box and got a sweater, so more snow is the only sign to you that God is real. Whatever the case, this week will be cold. Prepare for it. Recognize the dangers while driving and to your plants, pipes and pets. And get that damn coat out one more time. You're gonna need it.

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