Sole Of Houston: And We Are Back, This Time On Two Wheels

David Beebe was back in town for a short time, so we put the band back together for an epic adventure in the streets of H-Town.

We will have a full account here later in the week after Beebe uploads his pics to Flickr, but for now we'll tease with a few details...

We didn't walk this time. We rode bikes. We were able to cover over 30 miles, which is about ten miles more than we were ever able to do on foot.

We also went through some of the scariest parts of town, or at least areas generally regarded as such.

Here's a fairly accurate map of our itinerary:

View Sole of Houston On Bikes in a larger map
We started and ended near the corner of West 11th and Shepherd, and along the way passed through Timbergrove, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Acres Homes, Northline, Fifth Ward, Second Ward, Third Ward, the Museum District, Fourth Ward, and the Heights.

There were some Indiana Jones-type shenanigans involving a charred railway trestle and our wrangling our bikes through a canebrake. There were discoveries of bizarre edifices. There was no beer, at least on my part. (I quit drinking over a year ago.)

Beebe picked up the slack. Over the years of this project he has always been braver about trying to make new friends along the way, and never more so than now that I am not drinking. Some would say this an admirable trait of his, some would call him crazy, and possibly even suicidal.

Yesterday I was edging a little toward some combination of the latter two options when without preamble he attempted to gain us entree into the establishment pictured below:

View Sole of Houston On Bikes in a larger map

You can read all about that and other of our adventures in the days to come...

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