Sole of Houston: Richmond Avenue Facts

This week, David Beebe and I tackled Richmond, from the Mission Bend Park and Ride to the Wheeler Station on the light rail.

I’ll have the full story up in a few minutes, but here’s a little something to whet your appetite.

Richmond Ave, by the numbers

Bars stopped in: 6

Dangerous wild animals seen: 1 (Well, we think we saw a cottonmouth in a drainage ditch.)

Stray shopping carts: about 30 (an all-time record, we believe)

Cheez factor: elenty billion to the zillionth power

Pile of women’s undergarments found by side of road: 1, near Sage

Years ago the Richmond Strip peaked: 13

Strippers seen on way to work: 2

Shots of tequila consumed due to misuse of the letter “z” on signs: 3 each

Derelict Chinese temples found: 1

Still-living 143-year-old African-American hamlets discovered: 1

Times flipped bird for no reason at all: 1

Overplayed ‘90s songs heard: about 75

-- John Nova Lomax

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