Some Answers On The Method Man Lawsuit

News of a lawsuit filed against rapper Method Man for allegedly pelting a female autograph seeker outside Houston's House of Blues with ammo from an air-gun sure has exploded all over the Internet. Some folks have questions, there's a smattering of alleged eyewitness accounts, and many just want to add their own two cents.

Here's a sample of the gab, and hopefully, a few answers.

Some truth-seekers have asked whether a criminal complaint was filed and others, such as "one voice" on TMZ.com, have written, "I know he is wrong for doing this but why did she wait so long" to file a lawsuit?

For starters, the alleged victim, Mary Anderson, did file a complaint with the Houston Police Department. According to records obtained from HPD, Anderson called the cops the day after the alleged shooting and filed a report the following day. The offense listed is, "assault (bodily injury)." HPD spokeswoman Jody Silva says that the complaint has not gone anywhere, "as of yet" and that no arrests have been made.

As for why the lawsuit was filed some eight months after the alleged incident, Anderson's attorney, Daniel Horowitz, tackled that one for us this afternoon. "One of the reasons for the timing of it," he says, "is because we have to get [Method Man] served with the lawsuit, and he's planning to be in town Friday night for his concert."

In fact, the lawsuit lists the House of Blues on Caroline Street as the location where Method Man may be served.

"Bukowsky" on Digg says he has a possible version of what went down that night:

I have a friend that was at the show...She told me that she actually witnessed this event. Earlier, I emailed her this story from the Press. I just got an email from her about it, here's what she said:

"Regarding method man my husband and I were there. That chick was flashing her boobs and acting stupid towards method & yes he shot her. It was an airgun, one of those pellet guns. Even after he shot her, she kept on flashing him her boobs & laughing afterwards. Method did this out of the window. It's bogus she wants money now."

All hearsay, of course, but she was there and saw it.

Here are a just a few of the comments floating around the blogosphere:

"TabithaIapetus" on Gawker writes, "Method Man is such a poser. The same thing happened to me when I approached Susan Anton after Battle of the Network stars in 1980." 

On Digg, "mynameisteejay" writes, "Perhaps a series of pellet gun wounds is his autograph."

DarkenKO writes, "from now on i will use an electric turkey carver to sign all my documents and autographs."

And finally, "krahzee" offers this wish:

Let's just hope for two things:
1)They air this case on TruTV.
2) Redman is asked to testify.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.