Song of Sommore

Spike Lee chose comedian


to participate in

The Queens of Comedy

, a follow-up to

The Original Kings of Comedy

, for her tendency to address subjects most women are too modest to discuss. An example from one of her bits: "He asked me what my favorite position was. I told him, 'Well that depends on the size of your dick because, if you got a little-ass dick, then my favorite position is with another motherfucker!'"

Although Sommore's routines are often confrontational to men, many male comedians, including Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac, applaud her as one of the best female artists around. Sommore says she doesn't look down on funny-for-a-girl compliments. "I think my female presence is very strong. When I go out on stage, I look glamorous and I look sexy," she says. "You can't just say 'Oh, she's a comedian.' I want you to say 'Oh my God, look at those 38Ds -- that's a woman!" --Dusti Rhodes

Sommore isn't the only woman utilizing showing off her best assets this week. In our Night & Day� section, read about another who used her wit to survive a childhood in Ames, Iowa; one who entertains thousands with just a wrestling ring, a bikini and another woman to throw around; and a third who mixed her knowledge of anthropology and choreography -- to address abortion.

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