State Board Of Ed's Latest Wingnut Brainstorm: Use Barack Hussein Obama In Textbooks

The only good thing about the State Board of Education's ongoing textbook hearing is that it will soon be over. We hope.

As yesterday's hearing dragged on and on into the night, one board member -- David Bradley of Beaumont -- made a motion that Texas textbooks should refer to the nation's first black president as "Barack Hussein Obama."

How long, oh Lord, how long......

The Texas Tribune (great headline: "Hussein in the Membrane") says:

"I'd like to make a motion to insert his middle name, Hussein," he said. Asked why -- it was the first time any discussion of any of official's middle name had come up -- Bradley played dumb. "He's the president of the United States, and I think we should give him the honor and privilege of his full name." He insisted the board had done the same for "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" and "Ronald Wilson Reagan."

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram said a Houston member was one of several who objected: "'We don't have to insult the president of the United States,' Lawrence A. Allen Jr., a Houston Democrat and an African-American, told Bradley. 'I'm asking you to please withdraw your amendment,'" the paper reported.

Another member (a Lubbock Republican, no less) told Bradley "the intent behind what you're doing, I think, is pretty obvious," Bob Craig said, noting that Bradley was wrong on using other presidents' middle names

A Democrat member said the use of the middle name would be "humiliating."

"I'll put an end to the whining," Bradley said. "I'll withdraw the motion."

"I don't consider it whining," said board member Mavis B. Knight.

Please, let this all end today. Move the national spotlight on wingnuts somewhere else, quickly.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.