TEA Releases Further Details On School Rankings

The Texas Education Agency has released the 2009 school rankings -- let the talk of how schools are gaming the system begin!!

Results are searchable by district, by category, by all kinds of things.

The 12 HISD schools that have been ranked "unacceptable":

High Schools -- Jones, Kashmere, Lee, Sterling, Westbury, Worthing and Sharpstown. Not many surprises there.

Middle Schools -- Attucks, Dowling, Fondren, Ryan, and the Walipp/TSU school.

No HISD elementaries were ranked unacceptable, according to the TEA list.

A few charter schools were, including all three Houston Can Academies and two KIPP schools -- in the southeast and East End. (It looks like the listing has been changed since we first saw it, both are now acceptable and are listed, it seems, in different districts.)

The Dallas school district, by the way, had 22 schools rated unacceptable, including five elementaries.

Update: HISD spokesperson Lisa Kinney takes note of other districts: "In summary," she tells reporters, "HISD had 73 percent of its schools rated Exemplary or Recognized, compared to 70 percent in Ysleta, 69 percent in El Paso, 60 percent in Corpus Christi, 57 percent in Dallas, 47 percent in Austin, 46 percent in Ft. Worth, and 42 percent in San Antonio. The statewide rate of Exemplary and Recognized was 66 percent."

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