Tera Trevino: She's Happy With How Tonight's Wife Swap Episode Turned Out

Tonight's the big night for Friendswood's Tera Trevino, if you're the type to describe "big night" as "putting my family out there on a pretty bad reality-TV show."

She and her family will be appearing on Wife Swap, the ABC show where moms from two diametrically opposed types of families switch places.

As we noted last week, the ABC press release on the episode was wildly over the top, portraying the Trevinos as wild, pierced low-riders with few rules, as opposed to the upright Christian entertainers they'd be switching with.

Tera Trevino wasn't too happy with that press release, but she tells Hair Balls she's seen the final cut of the show "and I was very happy with it!"

"I actually did the show trying to change the stereotype of low riders and people with tattoos and piercings," she said. "I am a very open-minded person and I do give my five daughters the freedom of speech but in a respectful way."

Our initial item caused something of a commenter war, with members of the Trevino family chiming in.

Said "not your business":

Well I guess we will leave out hte fact that she's got like 5 baby Daddy's and she is constantly doing stuff to stay in the spot light,car show's,roller derby,wrestling show's and of course now reality T.V. Yeah she sounds like a great mom always finds time for all that crap plus vacations without her lovely girls, but can't manage to hold down a 40 hour a week job for too long!" said "not your business.

To which Trevino's daughter Farrah wrote:

Okay, first off to the comment with no name about my mom being a bad mother, SHE IS A GREAT ONE! Everythng you listed we do together as a FAMILY! We support eachother no matter what and we all love going to carshows, wrestling shows, and Roller derby games. I think you should honestly realize how judging and closed minded you are, and get your heads out of your butttt!

Her and my dad have been on one vacation without us, but they deserve it, you try raising 5 girls! i know how hard it must be for my parents and i have no problem with them going out to relax some times! Thats all i wanted to say!f
Mom Trevino says she hopes the show changes the image some people have of those with her hobby.

"I am a christian women who is just trying to change the stereotype of us lowriders!" she told us.

To which all we can say is it's reality TV. If she's happy with the final cut, that's great, but somehow we're not expecting a subtle, nuanced examination of low-rider culture. Or Christian family living, for that matter.

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