Texas A&M Aggies: Care To Make The Rest Of The Season Interesting?

I had other things I wanted to get to today, other anecdotes and information I wanted to share with all of you. Really, I did. But this one is time sensitive.

If I wait even 48 more hours, the impact is lost because by then Notre Dame will have beaten Boston College and what I'm about to say will appear to be a delusional Irish bandwagon-jumper basking in the glow of a road win over a middling ACC team to go to 2-3 on the season.

So here it is, Aggie Fan. This one's for you...

Notre Dame will finish the season with a better record than Texas A&M.

There, I said it.

That's right, friends. My poor, downtrodden bunch of little 1-3 leprechauns will finish the 12-game regular season with a better record than your 3-1 Agros, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Well, maybe not money, because wagering American dollars is illegal in this country and I'm nothing else if not law-abiding.

We'll figure out stakes in a minute, but first I need to know this -- was Jarrod Johnson's shoulder surgery this past off-season a normal medical procedure or did they surgically attach Tim Wakefield's arm to Johnson's body? Seriously, some of the fluttering balls he threw last night in a gut wrenching 38-35 loss to Oklahoma State would have been awesome if A&M were playing Whiffleball in Mike Gundy's backyard; unfortunately, they weren't nearly as effective in a Big 12 football game being played in the House that T. Boone Pickens Built.

Don't look now, Aggie Fan, but Jerrod Johnson has thrown as many picks in the last eleven days as he did all of last season. Something is wrong with him physically, and that's before we even begin the psychoanalysis of a quarterback who was anointed preseason player of the year in the conference based partially on physical gifts and largely on process of elimination, i.e. "Who the hell else do we give it to?"

I don't know if we're putting too much on Jarrod Johnson's plate to continually point out that his best big-game performance to this point is not even in a win (Texas game last season). Seasons of 4-8 in 2008 and 6-7 in 2009 are a function of many moving Aggie parts, and the quarterback is only one of them. But with accolades come scrutiny, and the fact of the matter is that the fourth and final interception of the night was a decision-making issue, not an arm-strength issue.

I asked Billy Liucci of Texags.com on my show this week if Jarrod Johnson was ready to finally go win a big game, and Liucci's answer was affirmative. But even as Looch laid out his reasons why, you could see that they were largely based on hunches, vibes, and an attempt to mentally will someone you personally like into getting over the hump.

Sure an' Jarrod Johnson is no Dayne Crist

Honestly, it's not unlike my preseason prediction of the Texans going 10-6. I had no past history with this group that would tell me they're capable of doing it, no season I can point to where the stars aligned and execution surpassed ineptitude. They look like they could get it done, they've shown flashes of getting it done, and dammit I really like these guys.

Blind faith. That's about all Aggie Fan has right now in Jarrod Johnson and whatever the hell is going on with his right shoulder/arm.

That's a terrible place to be.

Which brings me back to my bold Notre Dame proclamation. You heard me correctly, Aggie Fan. Notre Dame will finish the regular season with more wins than Texas A&M. In the spirit of full disclosure, before I ask you to shake hands with me symbolically in the Comments section below, let's look at both team's remaining schedules:

TEXAS A&M (3-1)

Sat, Oct 9 vs #15 Arkansas
Sat, Oct 16 vs Missouri
Sat, Oct 23 @ Kansas
Sat, Oct 30 vs Texas Tech
Sat, Nov 6 vs #8 Oklahoma
Sat, Nov 13 @ Baylor
Sat, Nov 20 vs #6 Nebraska
Thu, Nov 25 @ #21 Texas


Sat, Oct 2 @ Boston College
Sat, Oct 9 vs Pittsburgh
Sat, Oct 16 vs Western Michigan
Sat, Oct 23 vs Navy (Meadowlands)
Sat, Oct 30 vs Tulsa
Sat, Nov 13 vs #13 Utah
Sat, Nov 20 vs Army (Yankee Stadium)
Sat, Nov 27 @ #18 USC

By my count, if you did the lines today, A&M would be favored in four games the rest of the year (and two of those are slight home favorites, the other two are on the road, always tricky), and underdogs in the other four, with three of those against current Top 15 teams (and the fourth one is Texas in Austin).

Notre Dame, on the other hand, would be favored in at least six games, and the other two are Utah at home and on the road against a USC team that is down from previous seasons.

In other words, as the good doctor Lou Holtz would say...LESH GO!

So here's what we'll do -- in the Comments section below, if you want a piece of this wagering action, Aggie Fan, leave a comment below confirming that you want in. Here's all I ask ... please leave your comment as to why A&M will have more wins than Notre Dame in haiku form (must be 5-7-5! Attention to detail counts!). I will pick the best four haikus (entertain me) and if you win the bet and A&M has more wins than Notre Dame at year end, we'll all pick a spot and I'll treat you to a nice dinner somewhere.

If I win, then in honor of the recent sixteenth anniversary of the release of Shawshank Redemption, you must make like prison guard Byron Hadley and bring two cases of the finest lager up to the 1560 studios for me and my co-workers (enough for me to set a few aside for my Houston Press homies as well).

If they finish with the same amount of wins, then I guess we'll all pick a strip club and buy lap dances for each other.

So who's in?

NOTE: If you do comment, leave your e-mail in the box provided for it in the comment box. It won't show up publicly, and we won't use it for any other purpose than getting back to you for this item. Cool?

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