Texas Politics = "Gay Hitler"

Donald Trump's insanity has nothing on Texas, where the political scene has descended into complete and utter madness.

The Travis County GOP Chairman is a sex-obsessed conspiracy theorist who promised to lick Barbara Bush's butt if Hilary Clinton wins the general election. There's a woman running for the board of education who thinks Obama was a gay prostitute and that baby dinosaurs rode Noah's Ark. And now, there is Gay Hitler.

Yeah, that's right. 


According to the San Antonio Express-News, a candidate for state representative was photographed dressed up as gay Hitler, wearing a swastika armband, a fake Hitler mustache and Hitler wig, a pink sash (which is apparently gay?), and a big ol' smile, all while doing the "sig heil" salute.  

Kyle Biedermann was caught red-handed. When the Express-News called him out on it, did he respond like a normal, well-adjusted Gay Hitler Impersonator would and simply say he was sorry? Nope. Because Texas.

From the Express-News

“What would be offensive about that photograph?” Biedermann asked indignantly on Wednesday. “This whole thing is about political correctness. It’s not a problem for me whatsoever.”

That's right.  He's Gay, he's Hitler, and he's damn proud of it. 

There are a lot of reasons why he probably should be sorry, though (besides the obvious ones, like Hitler was a genocidal maniac and it's offense to Jews, Gays, and literally everyone who isn't a Nazi sympathizer). Like most conservative Christian political hopefuls, Biedermann's campaign is based mostly on the promise to "preserve Texas values." It's hard to say how Gay Hitler promotes "Texas values."

The Express-News said Biedermann wrote an email to a voter last month, trying to explain the photo's context:

“Thanks for your interest in my campaign,” he wrote. “The explanation is simple. This was a fundraiser for the Food Pantry and the Needs Counsel with about 400 people with a [Saturday Night Live] theme … The costumes are supposed to be outrageous and Mine certainly was. Gay Hitler was a SNL character from the show which of coarse (sic) is a spoof.”

OK. So Biedermann isn't really Gay Hitler, he was just dressed up that way as a joke. Er, he was stealing someone else's joke. For charity.

Gay Hitler... for charity. 

While Biedermann apparently didn't bother condemning Hitler's ideas or assuring the voter that he is not actually a Nazi sympathizer, he was quick to make sure the voter didn't think he was (gasp!) gay.  

“I am not gay and never have been. Don’t know anything about Swingers Clubs and no desire to find out. I have an amazing wife.”

Glad that's been cleared up. Kyle Biedermann: definitely not gay, but maybe still Hitler. 

Biedermann told the Express-News that he's running for office because people are looking for a Fuhrer "leader." He's one of a number of conservative activists sweeping the state, in the mold of Houston's anti-HERO leader Jared Woodfill, all aiming to shake up the Republican party and move it to the far, far-right.

If Biedermann is elected, he would likely be the first openly Gayhitler to step foot in the Capitol Building. But if Texas politics keeps trending toward crazy, he may not be the last. 

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