Texas Tech's Chancellor Gives Longhorns a Big Middle Finger, Maybe

Everyone who doesn't love burnt orange hates the Longhorn Network, the lucrative collaboration between UT and ESPN.

Among those haters: Texas Tech chancellor and former congressman Kent Hance.

UT's deal with ESPN calls for one Big 12 conference game to be aired on the new channel, but the Longhorns are having trouble getting an opponent to agree (because of sheer jealousy, we're sure.)

The Amarillo Globe-News reports ESPN offered Tech a pretty lucrative deal to be that designated opponent, but Hance turned them down with a classic line.

Tech chancellor Kent Hance nixed any deal, reportedly saying, "I don't want a Tech fan to have to give one dime to the Longhorn Network."

The "reportedly" throws us a bit, and the Tech media department is checking for us on the origin of the quote, which shows up in a couple of Red Raider sports blogs. (Update: tech's Patrick Gonzales tells Hair Balls they have no idea where the quote came from, and it wasn't from an interview set up through their department or at any public meeting they're aware of.)

But even if he didn't say it, he likely meant it.

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