The "Boom Goes The Dynamite" Guy Gets A Job In Texas

He became an Internet phenomenon -- and not the good kind -- providing achingly uncomfortable moments of YouTube viewing and the immortal phrase "Boom goes the dynamite."

Now he has a job. In Texas.

Brian Collins was a Ball State freshman when he was tapped as a fill-in sports host on the student-run channel one night three years ago. The video of his excruciating performance -- verbal stumbles, copy that didn't match up with the video, the awful phrase about boom and dynamite -- quickly went viral.

Anyone with half an ounce of compassion felt for the kid; others just mocked him endlessly.

"Boom goes the dynamite" became a catch phrase nationwide.

Now Collins is out of school and has a job, as a sports reporter, in Waco.

His biography doesn't mention the incident, maybe understandably, but in the past he's been able to talk about it with some humor.

Good to see he landed on his feet.

-- Richard Connelly

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