The Dynamo Start To Ramp Up For The Playoffs

The Houston Dynamo have six games remaining in their schedule before the MLS Playoffs begin. Wednesday night's clash at Robertson Stadium is arguably the team's biggest game, and it comes against Pachuca, the team's biggest international rival.

Dynamo defender Eddie Robinson returned from offseason knee surgery last Tuesday night against Arabe Unido. The Dynamo had their way against the Panamanian side in a 5-1 trashing, and Robinson got in on the action with the game's first goal.

"I felt great," Robinson told Hair Balls. "I don't think it's any secret that I'm not quite 100 percent fit yet, but I'm not far off. I think that I exceeded a lot of people's expectations for my first game back; I may have exceeded my own a little bit."

"I'm really pleased with the way things went, I feel pretty good, I got a nice weekend off for rest; but Monday and Tuesday are gonna be really sharp days for this team because we're really excited about that game," he said.

The game that Robinson has the jones for is Wednesday night's clash against Mexican giants, Pachuca. The Dynamo and Pachuca have gone at it plenty of times, in previous editions of the CONCACAF Champions League, as well as SuperLiga.

In their previous meeting a couple of weeks ago, Pachuca got a 2-0 result against a short-sided Dynamo squad.

Robinson is clear about about it: the Dynamo are going for "w" on Wednesday. "That's a game we want to win. That's a game we need to win if we want to advance in this tournament. It may not be the most prestigious tournament in the world, but when our team steps out on the field, we feel that we want to win."

From here on out, the Dynamo's schedule is more balanced. They have six games remaining before the start of the MLS Playoffs, and one of them is a "friendly" match for charity. Also, they will stay in Houston until the middle of October.

Part of the remainder of the schedule includes a bye week this weekend. Dynamo boss Dominic Kinnear welcomes this break.

"Good to have weekends off, it takes away the mental pressure the guys go through, and it takes away the physical pressure too," he told Hair Balls.

The Dynamo have won two straight, and look to make a third on Wednesday. With the lighter schedule the rest of the season, the Orange look to take momentum into the playoffs.

"Momentum is a great thing, and I think we are starting to build that right now," Robinson said. "If we can be steam-rolling come playoff time, I think a lot of people are going to be worried.

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