The Wonders Of Facebook: Arturo, "The Life Of The Party," Fights 50-Year Sentence For Shooting His Kid's Mom In Face

Sometimes you just have to let the Internet speak for itself.

Such is the case with Arturo, a Houstonian who is the subject of a nascent web crusade seeking to get him a new trial and reduced sentence for shooting in the face the mother of one of his kids.

The blog "Give Me A Just Sentence" lays out the story and, as we say, does it in such inimitable style that it cannot be improved on.

For instance, where else would you be given, as one of the reasons to reduce the sentence of a man convicted of shooting a woman in the face, the alleged fact that the man in question was "Funny, outgoing, the life of the party if you want to call it that"?

Arturo -- no last name given -- is 34 and, we're told, owned a successful alarm-installation company until things went bad.

And how did things go bad?

Two years ago....:

He went over to his second daughter's mom's house late at night after work. There was alcohol and possibly an uncontrolled substance. He doesn't remember any confrontations or a shooting. But it happened. The mom was shot in the face, he took off running. Police found him, scared to death, uncontrollable and most likely under the influence. He had huge blisters on his feet from running on the street without shoes.


Supporters say no toxicology or gun-powder tests were done, and that Arturo "thinks he saw a third party at Mom's house but not sure who it was, inclining to a male."

The supporters note that two years on, the mom "is not handicapped or paralyzed," and they say they realize they may be asking people to take much on faith.

It is important to say that we are not disclosing everything we know or have heard of what happened in court. As his family, we are not saying he is guilty or he is not guilty.

Our mission is to get support from you so that we can appeal his sentence. It's going to take a lot of money and a lot of effort. We are counting on you, who may know of someone who has been wronged by the system or know someone who knows someone.

If you're inclined to support, "You can write to unfairtrial2012@gmail.com and donate by cliking here http://www.gofundme.com/unfairtrial2012," the site says.

Another internet success story, maybe.

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