There Will Be A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On At Sherlock Holmes In Tomball

In case you are not completely psyched for Sherlock Holmes -- and who would not be psyched for what looks like yet another CGI-laden Victorian-era adventure story? Does The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen not ring a bell? And all the sequels they made to it because it was so entertaining? -- there's great news.

Houston is one of just a few cities that will get to see the film with the latest in theater technology: moving seats. Yes, seats that move!!!

But yo, you say, my theater seats already rock back and forth. It's how I annoy the guy behind me.

But these seats will move in conjunction with the action on screen. Whenever there's a completely unconvincing punch thrown in Sherlock Holmes, not only will get the full SFX of a wrecking ball smashing into a side of beef, your chair will move!! It will make the film better!!

At least that's the claim of the Santikos theater chain, which has been moving into the Houston market.

"Audience members can now actually move with the onscreen excitement and feel sensations of intense fight scenes all from individual seats that movie in perfect sync with the action onscreen," says spokeswoman Amy La Sala.

The technology, by a Canadian company called D-BOX Technologies, is in place in only 13 facilities in America, she says.

The Santikos Silverado 19 in Tomball is one of them. And come Christmas Day, it will be shaking.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.