Thomas Calvin Vickers, Goateed High School Teacher, Somehow Charged With Underage Solicitiation

An eighth-grade history teacher sporting an allegedly hip goatee, who also likes to play a little online sci-fi games?

Mr. Cool. All the kids probably like him.

The cops aren't so hot on him, though, especially the one who posed online as a 14-year-old female. A 14-year-old female who allegedly got lewd photos from Vickers, 42, as he was soliciting her for sex.

KTRK reports that officers from the Precinct 4 Constable's office and Conroe ISD arrested Vickers without incident.

Vickers' LinkedIn page says he's a teacher at Conroe ISD's Moorhead Junior High; we're sure the name of the high school is never used in any kind of witty sexual repartee.

The page also shows Vickers is a member of a LinkedIn group devoted to Traveller RPG, which is an online gamer kind of thing. He also was part of a State Board of Education committee on standardized test revisions for 7th-grade history, so if the new standards include a lot of late-night online counseling between kids and hip teachers, you know who to blame.

A spokesman for the Harris County DA's office tells Hair Balls that Vickers has been charged with online solicitation of a minor and promoting child pornography.

Vickers allegedly showed a webcam video of himself masturbating to the person he believed was a 14-year-old girl, and a video of another, possibly underage, girl masturbating.

On the other hand, all this is just alleged, of course. So there's that.

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