Tomball Cop's Shoulder Broken After She Stops Backseat Teen Sex

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Ask a cop about their most dangerous types of calls and you hear about drug raids, boozy domestic disputes and armed robberies. Seldom if ever have we heard of "catching two teenagers bonking in the back seat of a Honda Civic" as the type of call cops dread, but one such incident almost cost a Tomball cop her life last Monday.

According to a police report on file in the Harris County courthouse, Tomball cop / detective Kristina Tikal was headed to work from her apartment on January 2 when she noticed something funny about an old blue Honda Civic in the parking lot: the left rear door was wide open and there were a pair of naked legs sticking out, toes pointed toward the ground.

Tikal stopped the car and told the man to pull his pants up, and then saw that there was a 17-year-old woman in the backseat who was also not wearing pants.

A very large young woman, in fact. Court records list the teen as packing 240 pounds on her five-foot-five frame, leading one to wonder if the backseat of a Honda Civic was the best possible venue for the sexual contortions that both the young woman and the man later told the cop were about to ensue.

Tikal reported that she ordered the man and the woman to get dressed and told them that they were being detained. She said that while she was standing between the open door and the backseat, the young woman managed to bound into the driver's seat and start the car. Tikal said she told the woman twice to shut the engine down, but the woman instead threw the Civic into reverse, smashed down on the accelerator and fled the scene.

In doing so, she clipped Tikal's shoulder, hurling her ten feet from the vehicle and causing her to suffer a fractured scapula, injuries to her hip and elbow, and abrasions to her arms and legs.

(UPDATE: Earlier reports that Tikal had fractured her skull were erroneous: in typing up the original report, a police source morphed "fractured scapula" into "fractured scalp.")

The young woman got away, but not without several witnesses giving detailed descriptions of both her and the car to police, and a few days later a tipster told police where the young woman lived, and cops found a damaged blue Honda Civic in the driveway.

Police later went to Tomball High School and talked to the young woman, who matched the description they had been given. The woman and her mother later gave a statement saying that the woman had panicked when Tikal walked up on her. She claimed to have known only that she had hit a truck. She said she had no idea she'd hit a cop.

Tomball cops aren't buying it. The woman has been charged with aggravated assault of a police officer and felony evading arrest. Had she not driven away, all the woman would have faced were charges of either indecent exposure or disorderly conduct.

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