This current Houstonian locks down the top spot.
This current Houstonian locks down the top spot.

Top 10 On-Air Gaffes: A List Inspired by Pattie Shieh

As an ode to the "spit" blast uttered last night by Pattie Shieh of Fox 26, Hair Balls looks back at the top 10 on-air fuc_, uh, mess-ups of all-time.

10. Curmudgeon vs. Curmudgeon

Who wins between these two old farts? (Our opinion: The dude who unleashes the "you were [my boss] and are no longer" crack.)

9. Drunk Encounter 1

Potheads will also appreciate these segments by CNN's Anderson Cooper.

8. Blow-Job Jenny From the Block

If there's an X-rated, Shepard Smith-inspired remix of "Jenny from the Block," we want to hear it.

7. Boom Goes the Dynamite


Jim Rome Show

fans, here's the origin of "boom goes the dynamite." (And here's

an update


6. Funky Fucking Chicken

Ernie Anastos of New York's WNYW suggests to a weatherman named Dick to do something with his Richard...and Dick agrees. (Continuing with the theme, Anastos also once said

"cock" during a broadcast


5. Fuck Off, Traffic

The morning commute in Indianapolis must really effing suck.

4. Drunk Encounter 2

Steve Ryan of Las Vegas's KTNV needs to learn a better bitch slap.

3. Bird 2, Reporter 0

This Canadian reporter takes two for the team.

2. Cockroach 2, Weatherman 0

A Florida weather broadcaster gets owned twice.

1. And the Winner Is...

A bee in the mouth is apparently worse than bird poop in the pie hole, as illustrated by Isiah Carey of Houston's Fox 26 when he was a reporter in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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