Weather Week: Serious Heat on the Way

Every time it seems that summer has us in its throes, a front comes through and cools things down. Okay, maybe it doesn't get "cool," but when low temperatures for the week average in the upper 60s, that's cool for Houston in June. This week, no such luck.

Over the weekend, temperatures moderated under overcast skies and rain. Most of the area got one to two inches of precipitation, leaving the majority of Harris County in good condition drought-wise. There are still a couple pockets where the drought is an issue, and this isn't exactly the anti-2011, but it's substantially better.

The rain continued a bit on Monday and we should see a shower or thunderstorm again today before high pressure finally settles in. Rain chances Tuesday are better the closer you get to the coast, with showers pushing in off the Gulf, but just as a couple of thunderstorms moved through the area Monday afternoon, today could be similar.

Beyond that, our weather is setting up to be the hottest we've had this year thus far. Temperatures begin to climb on Wednesday and Thursday, but by Friday highs could be in the mid-90s. Some forecasts are calling for a slight chance they could be higher, but it doesn't appear we'll hit triple digits for the moment. If you like hot and sunny, this week is going to be your favorite of the year.

As high pressure settles in, don't expect much in the way of rain chances either. Most forecasts are calling for the high to remain in place through the middle of next week, which means lots of hot, dry weather for the next 7-10 days.

A Look at the Tropics

Since Andrea went onshore in Florida, it's been fairly quiet in the Atlantic, which is normal for June. Andrea was early for a named storm. On average, we see a named storm in June about once every two years. For those of you old enough to remember Hurricane Alicia, that first storm of the year was in August. Of course, that was during the most recent down period for hurricanes. We're still in the middle of a busy spell.

For now, things are quiet and I wouldn't expect them to seriously heat up for about six weeks, but it's always good to pay attention this time of year.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.