Weekend Weather: A Slightly Milder Weekend...for June

"Mild" is a relative word when it comes to summers in Houston. What most people think when they say the word is "moderately pleasant." When we say it, we really mean "you probably won't die if you go outside for more than 20 minutes." So, in that case, we will have a "mild" couple days in Houston after the passage of a cool front on Thursday, which brought some pretty good rain to most of the area.

The drier air will make the low 90s feel at least somewhat bearable through Sunday morning. After that, the humidity will creep back into the picture as warm Gulf air streams back onshore and turns Houston back into a steam room/jungle.

If you are headed outside this weekend, the good news is that there is very little rain, if any, in the forecast. There might be a stray afternoon shower Sunday, but for the most part, it should be clear and sunny into Monday when we could see a little more rain.

Tropical Storm Andrea moved onshore in Florida and will slide up the East Coast quickly, bringing them plenty of rain this weekend. The rest of the tropics are relatively quiet. There are always going to be some disturbed areas of weather out in the Atlantic, particularly this time of year, but nothing thus far is a threat to develop. We're still very early in the season.

Looking ahead, we might get our first 100-degree day by late next week. It's still way too early to know for sure, but if high pressure begins to dominate as some forecasts suggest, it could get downright furnace-like by the end of next week. Don't worry, we're less than four months from October!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.