Weekend Weather: Labor Day Weekend Looks Hot, Dry

The state of Texas has never been able to fully recover from the drought of 2011 and it is only exacerbated during months with little or no rainfall. While we have had a few decent rain days in August, on the whole it's been pretty dry, which is typical for this time of year. So, most of the state remains under drought conditions.

For the next few days, the sun will shine unabated and those hot, dry conditions will continue. Since we are in the final throes of summer, may as well enjoy what super hot weather we have left. Before too much longer, there will be cool fronts a-plenty headed our way.

The extended Labor Day weekend looks hot, dry and humid, but great for hanging by the pool or at the beach. In fact, the entire week next week should be about the same.

Eye on the Tropics

Thankfully, there are no significant threats in the Gulf or the entire Atlantic. There is a very small chance a tropical wave just east of the Lesser Antilles could develop, but the National Hurricane Center is only giving it a 10 percent chance, so it's unlikely. Even if it did develop, it is doubtful it would move in our direction.

Another more vigorous tropical wave is currently moving off of Africa. There is a slightly better chance for development with that storm, but it is likely to recurve out to sea and not impact any land masses.

With only about two weeks left in the peak of hurricane season and not a single hurricane yet this year, the Atlantic is quickly running out of time and that's just fine with me.

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