What $1,500 in Rent Gets You in 5 Houston Neighborhoods

If you're in New York or Boston, $1,500 in rent might get you a studio apartment that more closely resembles a glorified dorm room than an actual adult's living space. On the other end of the spectrum, you can basically rent a mansion in Omaha, Nebraska, or Missoula, Montana, for $1.5k a month.

In its recent list of what $1,500 in rent gets you in cities across the country, Mashable skipped right the hell over Houston. Sure, rent is skyrocketing here, jumping about 4.9 percent every year, with average rent hitting $1,249 in July. Inside the loop, rent's expected to spike about 9 percent every year.

But at least we're not NYC, which collectively freaked out this summer when average rent crossed the $3,000-per-month threshold (that "Rent is Too Damn High" dude was right). But neither are we Iowa City, where $1,500 a month rents a 3-bed, 2.5-bath, 1,500 square foot house.

We checked w/ Zillow to see what you can rent in Houston, inside the loop, with $1,500 a month. Here's what we found.

The Heights

Near the corner of Nicholson and 11th, this 625 square-foot garage apartment has one bad, one bath, and a washer/dryer unit on site. Photos show decent kitchen space, and all utilities are included in the monthly rent.

East Downtown

This one's actually just south of "EaDo" proper on McGowen. Here, $1,500 a month will get you a 1,022 square-foot house that's two-bed, two-bath. There's also a wrought iron fence and what looks to be a decent yard.


We're sure there are steals to be found in Midtown. But we didn't see any. All we found were mammoth complexes offering small studio rentals. At the Pearl Midtown, studios range from $1,400 to $1,500 per month.

Upper Kirby

We found some spacious four-plexes that are still renting for under $1,300 here. But since this game is all about what you can get for $1,500, we'll show you this one: 980 square feet, two-bed, one-bath, with a washer/dryer unit. Plus, according to the listing, you can "walk to Whole Foods," if that's what you're into..


This two-bed, two-bath apartment off Graustark and Kipling is certainly roomy enough for two, at 1,000 square feet. Bunk up with a roommate, and Montrose is actually starting to look damn affordable.

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