XXXL Bandit Lives To Waddle Away Again

The man the FBI has dubbed The XXXL Bandit has walked away from another bank robbery. Once again no getaway car was seen.

We don't think this speaks highly of the effort on some people to catch this guy.

Last month he struck on Clear Lake City Boulevard; the latest Livin' Large heist occurred in the 16400 bock of El Camino Real.

As always, the FBI was harsh in its criticism of the guy's fashion choices and style.

"He was overweight with an unkempt appearance," the agency declared. The FBI apparently prefers George Clooney types to rob bank branches in Clear Lake.

The actual description: "white male, late 28-35, approximately 5'10"-6' tall, 245-270 pounds, with a black beard and mustache with some gray hair."

The FBI said the man entered the store, "struck up a conversation with one of the tellers," and then handed over a note demanding cash. No weapon was observed.

He then walked/waddled out of the emergency exit in the back of the store and got away. "No getaway vehicle was observed," the FBI said.

This guy must carry his weight well.

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